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Hezbollah's Nasrallah repeats war threat on sea borders

Hezbollah leader: "If Israel does not allow Lebanon to implement the rights of gas resources - the situation could deteriorate into war" "There will be no gas and oil production in the entire Zionist entity if Lebanon does not accept its right"

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah again threatened tonight (Wednesday) that if Israel does not give Lebanon the rights it claims it deserves on the issue of extracting oil and gas from the sea, the situation could deteriorate into war. "We may achieve our rights in war or without." Nasrallah said at the annual meeting ahead of the Ashura. "We are not interested in a moral achievement, we want to get oil and gas out of the sea."

In a speech last week, Nasrallah acknowledged that the three aircraft the terrorist organization had fired at a shark rig had been shot down, and sent a threatening message to Israel: "The UAV message is just a modest start. We can reach the "Karish gas field" and all along Israe;'s coast."

Source: Kan News

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