Lebanon Crises
Nasrallah's "gas tank" is empty

As part of the Lebanese 2022 election campaign, Nasrallah has stated that Lebanon "has a treasure in the sea" and there is no reason why it should not take advantage of it.

He said that if Lebanon could not produce the gas, it would not allow it to Israel. In other words, Nasrallah has turned the gas into his election promise and according to that this is what will bring economic salvation to the unfortunate Lebanese.

But even in Lebanon the majority do not take these things seriously. They understand that Lebanon is far from producing the gas (providing the find any)  and of course Hezbollah can not guarantee it. 

Even the promise to supply oil from Iran to enable electricity generation Nasrallah failed to fulfill.

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Byron Scherer 03:55 11.05.2022
He is a cowardly prophet of Satan who needs the Lord.
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