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Shabak head: We will arrest all Israeli-Arabs for violence during Gaza OP in May 2021

The head of the Shin Bet Ronan Bar: "The Shin Bet will not let up on the prosecution of all the perpetrators of the Guardian of the Wall" incidents."

The head of the Shin Bet Ronan Bar revealed: "The Shin Bet is assisting the Israel Police in the campaign against illegal weapons." 

The Shin Bet investigates every violent incident with a result that challenges governance or damages a governmental symbol, even if the psychological element turns out, in the end, to be criminal. 

The Shin Bet is beginning to assist the Israel Police in its fight against the Arab crime wave, in all it's aspects.'

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La Jun 22:37 11.09.2022
First. Arrests Lapid, Gantz and rest of their friends for their crimes against their own people's and Netanyahu.