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BREAKING: 5 injured in a shooting attack on a bus in the Jordan Valley

The wounded - two moderately and three lightly - were evacuated from the scene on Route 578, near Moshav Bekaot

According to estimates, the terrorists shot at the bus and then tried to set it on fire, but accidentally set fire to a Molotov cocktail in their vehicle. The IDF is conducting a hunt for another suspect.

IDF forces arrested two terrorists shortly after the attack. According to estimates, terrorists opened fire on the bus. After that, they tried to set it on fire, but accidentally lit a Molotov cocktail in their vehicle and fled from it. Two guns and phones were found in the vehicle. IDF is on a manhunt for another suspect. Large forces are the area.

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John Ross 11:10 04.09.2022
Kill all Muslim terrorists!!! Torture them first… Allah hates them as well
Pamela Hackner 11:08 04.09.2022
When will these attacks stop. The only answer is to deport the lot