The Jewish Point Video Show - Constructing the Temple Mount!

Constructing the Temple was a monumental feat of ancient architecture! But how did they move those giant stones without modern cranes or any modern technology? Do you know how Herod moved the several thousand ton stones to construct the renovated Second Temple?

Find out below!

Archaeology and human ingenuity combine to recreate the past before your eyes!!!


# Jewish History # Temple Mount # City of David # Jerusalem # Israeli Archaeology # Israeli Construction
Rodney Dotson 04:24 07.03.2022
3.) the 1st (the gentiles-USA) will be last & the last will be 1st (meaning the Jews)! God now looks to save you 4.) from Armageddon (Russia, Iran, China)! 5.) Messiah helps build 3rd Tem
Rodney Dotson 04:03 07.03.2022
It is always worth it! Things that lead up to the 3rd temple: 1.) USA becomes โ€œripeโ€ iniquity (by giving into the LEFT)! 2.) EMP taking out the Grid (putting us in the dark ages! 3.the 1st w
Dean Davis 03:32 07.03.2022
Amazing, absolutely amazing!
Phillip Avalos 03:16 07.03.2022
Awesome !! Very nice!!๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ
Glenn Amburgy 14:05 02.01.2022
That temple is one of the things I have prayed for as well as clearing & cleaning the Temple Mount!!!!!!!
La Jun 03:25 20.11.2021
When you see the Jews in Israel building a Temple knows that the End Times Has come. We're one step closer to the 3rd Temple
darrel snider 11:18 19.11.2021
They knew how so it was done when told by king.
David Paul 08:10 19.11.2021
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