Iran Deal
SCOOP: Biden is considering removing the Revolutionary Guards from the U.S. terror list

NEWSRAEL: What is BIDEN DOING? Biden and Robert Malley are going from one major concession to the next What next? Will Iran demand America to become a Shiite country?

This is the scoop from Walla News:

In return for the move, Iran will be required to declare its commitment to a lull in the region. 

Removing the IRGC from the list is the main point of contention on the way to a new nuclear deal. 
Washington has informed Israel that the idea is being tested

Jerusalem is concerned that Iran has not been required to commit not to attack Israel and its allies.

The Biden administration is considering removing Iran's Revolutionary Guards from the list of United States terrorist organizations. This, in exchange for an Iranian statement of commitment to calm the region - they told Walla! Three senior Israeli officials and two American sources.

Talks between the United States and Iran over a return to the 2015 nuclear deal are almost over, but Iran is demanding that President Joe Biden Biden overturn the decision of former President Donald Trump to put the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the administration's blacklist of terrorist organizations. This issue is the main point of contention left on the way to the agreement.

The Revolutionary Guards are the strongest security body in Iran. The organization is involved not only in security issues but also in the political system and the Iranian economy. The fact that the Revolutionary Guards were on the list of United States terrorist organizations endangers any factor in the world who is in business ties with the organization in punishment by the U.S. administration.


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Moshe Moses 21:24 16.03.2022
In the end Haman & his 10 sons were hanged as G-d saved the Jews, now Israel &Jew haters Mullahs wanting to do same to Israel like Haman did, Mullahs will answer to G-d.
Moshe Moses 21:01 16.03.2022
Biden advised by Israel hater Malley, giving the Mullahs everything, who are no different to Haman of Persia (Iran) in Jewish Purim story now being read & remembered Haman wanted to kill all the Jew.
Rolf Storz 21:00 16.03.2022
America is being tested by our idiotic president and Vice President!
Ngugi Ruigi 20:57 16.03.2022
Democrats are so soft the underworld criminals thrives under their watch.
Ngugi Ruigi 20:55 16.03.2022
Am not conversant with that bit of history but am made aware that any season of Democrats occupation of presidency they prepare the world policing into silence.The end result always a world
Sam Johnson 20:53 16.03.2022
That’s why the bumbling idiots name is “Obiden “ like they say the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Thomas Blanks 20:49 16.03.2022
Biden is stupid and too old and in poor health. And is not the true President. I don’t know how the American people are going along with this fake president.
Anna Payton 20:44 16.03.2022
Biden needs to go, impeach him. Ole illegitimate Joey idiot
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