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WATCH! The TRUTH about the Temple Mount

Host Erick Stakelbeck and Danny "The Digger" Herman briefly explain the history behind the Temple Mount.

Why has this landmark of deep religious significance to Judaism, Islam and Christianity been the focal point of the conflict for decades? 

And who has a rightful claim to the holiest site in the world?

Source: The Watchman - YouTube

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CaptJinx Marine 13:28 01.10.2022
Islam is a made up cult which follow the teachings of a used camel salesman. Can’t be them
Donald Lerman 06:41 01.10.2022
Your religion may have a house of worship in any particular nation..that in no way gives them the right to dictate to that county Bottom lines that gives you no say om their forign and domestic policy
Patsy Webb 06:01 01.10.2022
The Islamic nation is just helping prophecy. Come true. The truth is always been known, gods, chosen people know the truth, and those that stand with them.
Rhoda Wright 05:16 01.10.2022
That’s very true & they don’t listen because they just want their way & don’t want to to stop fighting against the Jews because they can’t stop the hatred it’s their way of life their only purpose
Diane Sweetman 04:35 01.10.2022
Awesome …now we just have to convince Islamic people of the truth … I think it will take Yeshua coming and proclaiming it…sad but most don’t listen to the truth when spoken😵‍💫