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PA puts renewed pressure on Biden to open consulate in Jerusalem - A lesson in Arab tactics

PA chairman in a message to the Biden administration:
The Palestinian Authority will not be able to keep its promises of certain reforms if the United States does not fulfill its promise to reopen the US Consulate in Jerusalem because it is an implicit recognition by the United States that Jerusalem is the capital of two states.

NEWSRAEL: The general Palestinian tactic is to maintain pressure. Never stop. Always demand. Even when you lose a certain demand, never forget it, you can always wait a month or two and renew it. And always remember: Just because you agreed and put your signature on paper, that does not mean you cannot go back on your word!

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Leo Aguilar 13:34 08.01.2022
The Palestinian Authority should be speaking with the "SHADOW PRESIDENT", Barack Hussein Obama, who secretly is the one that is truly running the Biden fiasco Admin. Obama was who orchestrated it all!
Pamela Lovejoy 12:05 08.01.2022
Biden no friend of ISRAEL. Because of its goodness.
Moshe Moses 11:50 08.01.2022
Never trust the Frankenstein's, but Biden no friend of Israel,either knowingly,or stupid buys Abbas lies.
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