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Blinken: The Nuclear Agreement with Iran Will Only Exist Under American and European Conditions

On Monday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stressed Washington's role in tackling many global challenges, most importantly- dealing with Russian cyberattacks and bringing Iran back to the negotiating table in regards to its nuclear portfolio.

Blinken said, during a discussion in the Foreign Affairs Committee that discussed the US State Department's budget for 2022, that Iran is still developing its nuclear program, and that there is no cooperation from the Iranian side so far to stop its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

He stressed that the nuclear deal with Iran would only take place under American and European conditions.

Some members of Congress have spoken out against the boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be hosted by China, due to ongoing human rights violations.

Blinken said the Foreign Ministry sees what is happening to Uighur Muslims, and other ethnic minorities in China, as genocide.

He added that Washington is consulting with several European allies to make a joint decision on participation in the Winter Olympics.

Blinken has confirmed that the Foreign Ministry is currently launching an arms deal harmful to Saudi Arabia to try and end the war in Yemen and establish democracy in the region.

The Congress session also referred to the Palestinian Hamas movement, with Blinken emphasizing that it is a "terrorist movement, and no state should deal with it." According to him, Washington stands by Israel's right to defend itself.

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11:46 08.06.2021
If Iran and Russia will follow the agreement? US is NO longer strong to impose such agreement.
Jeanna Carlene 03:27 08.06.2021
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