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Hamas Traded Baby, Child Hostages to Other Terror Groups in Gaza

Six Israeli children under the age of 18 are still being held hostage in Gaza

There are reports that Hamas traded the youngest hostages, including 10-month-old baby Kfir Bibas and his brother 4-year-old Ariel Bibas to other terrorist groups in Gaza. The Bibas family is believed to be held by the PFLP terrorist group in Rafah, in southern Gaza, where the IDF has yet to begin operating in full force.

List of children still being held hostage:

Kfir Bibas – 10 months old.

Ariel Bibas – 4 years old.

Gali Tarshansky – 13 years old.

Amit Shani – 16 years old.

Maya Leimberg – 17 years old.

Aisha Alziadna – 17 years old.

Ofir Engel – turned 18 while in captivity.

Liam Orr  – 18.

Itay Regev – 18.

Hamas separated children from their parents when they released some children in the hostage deals these past few days.

In some cases, Hamas is still holding one or both parents hostage, despite releasing the children in exchange for Israel freeing terrorists.

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Ken Jones 20:51 09.12.2023
All has been said! Holy God of Israel bring these children 🏑 home
[Anonymous] 20:17 09.12.2023
Praying for these dear children.
Lillian Vail 22:40 28.11.2023
When Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban the marines had to check all Afghans who had children with them. These men are the most evil of all men on earth. Muslim terrorist they are savages
Laurie Nahum 20:39 28.11.2023
What vicious evil bodies.
Sandy Grant 20:09 28.11.2023
They are non- humans who have zero emotions other that hate. They have no souls. Their lives are useless.
[Anonymous] 18:15 28.11.2023
Traded? Like baseball cards? IDF it’s time to be without remorse. He is on your side to destroy evil who copy the Nazis. His face is turned afar from those who hate you. Who loves them awaits.
[Anonymous] 17:58 28.11.2023
Lord please protect these children. Please let them feel your loving arms around them and bring them home soon. God bless Israel.
[Anonymous] 17:44 28.11.2023
Praying Our Lord of Compassion and Mercy to touch the wicked hearts who hold these people captive Free-To guard the children of Israel. To give their hearts Peace where it makes no sense.Stand with U
Eileen Murrietta 17:12 28.11.2023
I stand with ISRAEL People Amen Amen Amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Soniya Christova 17:06 28.11.2023
All Islamic terrorist groups as Hamas PLO Jihad ISIS etc united in Palestinians authority are devil's ruled criminals against humanity so all PA must be destroyed.MayGod arise to deliver all Hostages
John Ross 16:52 28.11.2023
And this fucking Biden, and fucking Obama that Islam prick tell Israel to go easy fuck America fuck them Israel start to threaten me with nuclear bombs then you’ll see those countries on your side
ronald singer 16:42 28.11.2023
Dear Lord, please have mercy on your people Israel ! We have sinned in not keeping the laws of your written Torah. And our leaders have failed so please show us kindness and return our hostages !
[email protected] 16:39 28.11.2023
These sick bastards need to be eliminated!!
Sharon Faulkner 16:38 28.11.2023
Free baby Kfir !! 😑
[Anonymous] 16:35 28.11.2023
There are no words to describe the evil these monsters are capable of. May the Lord give Israel total victory, and all terrorists be wiped up the Earth.
Sue Downs 16:35 28.11.2023
Oh no! Praying for these children to be released to their families, immediately! This makes me even sicker than I was. Please, God, keep these children safe!
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