Explosion last night in Southern Lebanon

Last night it was reported that there was a very loud explosion in South Lebanon. One of the videos attached shows many ambulances arriving at the area, but no details has been reported.

The Hezbollah media has completely ignored for the time being the explosion that took place last night in the a-Nabatiya area in southern Lebanon. The website of the Saudi Al-Arabiya channel reported this morning that the explosion took place in an uninhabited area and it is estimated that these are Hezbollah warehouses (weapons). 

According to local radio stations in Lebanon, Hezbollah operatives and ambulances quickly arrived at the scene of the explosion. But so far no casualties have been reported.

The Lebanese newspaper al-Nahar now reports that the site of the explosion which took place this morning is a Hezbollah military site and that it is not known if there were casualties. It was further reported that "party activists" were preventing reporters from reaching the blast area and surveying from there.

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Dennis Bell 18:06 13.01.2022
Too bad they didn’t have a ops meeting there at the time.
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