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IDF Spox in Arabic: Hamas is dangerous to Gaza

Yesterday, after IDF's disclosure of the military sites of Hamas located in the heart of a civilian population, the IDF spokesman in Arabic, Avihai Adrei, published another tweet on the subject which he opened with verses from Surat Elalek (Hebrew: drop of blood):

"He created man from a drop of condensed blood, read, your Lord is a master of grace who taught with a quill, taught the man who did not know."

(translation by the late Uri Rubin) and  then wrote: 

"And what is Hamas doing? Building tunnels and ammunition warehouses under and near the schools hiding behind children who came to study."

The cartoon attached to the tweet reads; "UNWRA School" which the IDF uncovered a terrorist tunnel under it.

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Michael Sosne 15:13 29.07.2022
Close ALL Muslim pig schools. All they teach is hate for JEWISH PEOPLE. Who the hell needs them. Demolish every single pig building
Michelle Kahn 11:04 29.07.2022
No concern for anything other than to take the State of Isrsel no matter who gets killed along the way