The Jordanian film "Amira", smuggling semen from prison and normalization: A day of turmoil in the Palestinian media

It is difficult to count the number of items in the Palestinian media in the last day around the issue of the film "Amira", a film that is expected to represent Jordan in the Oscar competition.

The movie plot is about a Palestinian security prisoner in Israel who smuggles his semen to his wife. To the chagrin of the Palestinians, the movie tells how a naughty "Israeli Zionist officer," replaced the inmate's semen with his own semen, so that Amira is the daughter of an Israeli officer and the wife of a Palestinian prisoner.

The film yesterday drew a wave of official condemnations from Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian prisoner movement, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, the Popular Front and who does not. Many Palestinians, even in Jordan, have accused the film of promoting "normalization" ....

The highlight is a Palestinian TV show last night (from which the screenshot attached here is taken), in which they brought a "Sperm smuggling expert", former prisoner Said Bisharath, who received this dubious title that he witnessed the first sperm smuggling from the occupation prisons", to explain, scientifically and technically why is it not possible for the prisoner's semen to be replaced with the semen of an Israeli officer.

Oriental drama at its best showing us that reality almost always is more entertaining than fiction!

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Byron Scherer 16:16 09.12.2021
They are an have been vagabonds since time began. Never has been Palestinian country. Egypt nor Jordan ever gave them control of country before Israel reestablished as a country in 1948.
Dr Mordehai 15:14 09.12.2021
Palestinians? What it is? Is it like Narnians?
darrel snider 15:09 09.12.2021
See you are not palestinian no such race you are Arab acting like it but you fall under Arab nations
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