Israel - Saudi Arabia
Saudis want the best of both worlds

Sources close to the Saudi royal house tell Israeli Kan News here that they hope that Biden's visit to the kingdom will lead to closer regional coordination of which Israel will also be a part in the face of the Iranian threat. 

According to the same sources, the United States seems to have understood that the key to stability in the region lies in Saudi Arabia and the visit is a good start in terms of establishing peace in the region and establishing a regional alliance (Middle East NATO).

However, they lowered expectations regarding the issue of public normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Source: Kan News

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santa claus 11:27 15.06.2022
The Antichrist is here and in charge!!! (That means the 7-year countdown is upon us)
Henry Lee 08:57 15.06.2022
I sincerely hope in the near future when Saudi Arabia and Israel is tied up in a defence arrangement it is Israel who called the shots not Saudi.
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