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NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: Nov. 20 - Afternoon

Our news summary brings you the latest IMPORTANT UPDATES that are not in our longer reports.

Here are the latest news headlines overnight that reached our news desk. The times given are Jerusalem time (GMT +2)

13:26 - IDF interception of drones in the north

14:13 - Nahal troops take the Court building in Gaza

14:20 - Red Alert on Gaza border towns

14:40 - 16 terrorists arrested in Judea and Samaria - Since the beginning of the war, 1,850 suspects have been arrested in Judea and Samaria, of which approximately 1,100 belong to Hamas.

14:43 - Our forces attacked terrorist infrastructures of Hezbollah and a terrorist cell that tried to launch anti-tank missiles

14:46 - 3 Hezbollah helicopters crashed near the IDF base, no injuries

15:04 - Gantz: Even if there is a lull in returning the hostages  - we will return and hit the enemy with all our might

15:21 - The police and the Shin Bet arrested for security questioning two residents of Israeli-Arab town of Yarka, on suspicion of trafficking in illegal drugs against Lebanon and contact with a foreign agent

15:49: Argentinian President-elect Javier Milei to visit US, then Israel - Argentinian President-elect Javier Milei said that his first trips abroad will be to the US, followed by Israel. These visits will occur even before his inauguration.

16:01 - Red Alert in Gaza border towns

16:16 - Outsider Javier Milei who just won Argentina’s presidential election in a landslide just a few days ago in a pro-Israel rally

17:01 - The IDF approved the transfer of Gazan babies from Shifa' to further medical treatment in Egypt

17:20 - Red Alert of infiltration of Hezbollah drone - Beit Hillel. Kfar Giladi. Kfar Yuval Matula Maayan Baruch, Misgav Am, Shmona, Tel Hay.

17:42 - 5 Hezbollah UAVs were launched. 2 fell on the border, the other 3 were intercepted

17:44 - First publication: a drone that tried to penetrate from the direction of Syria was shot down in Syrian territory

17:56 - IDF jets attacking in Lebanon

18:03 - Red Alert in Tel Aviv area

18:16 - A "landing" of a rocket has been reported in Holon just south of Tel Aviv. No reports of any injured

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