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Jerusalem Mayor: 'The words of the prophets are happening'

Moshe Lion, mayor of Jerusalem, tells the Jerusalem Conference in NYC about the city's phenomenal success.

Jerusalem mayor Moshe Lion addressed the Arutz Sheva Jerusalem Conference in New York City.

"I’m honored to be here with you in New York," he began. "If New York is the city that never sleeps, Jerusalem is the city that cannot sleep - we just have too much going on. As we mark 65 years of the city being reunited, I can look out from my office window and look at new buildings being built, new schools, buildings, industrial areas, restaurants, and more. The words of the prophets are jumping off the pages and taking shape in front of our eyes, and I’m proud to lead a revolution for the city that is improving the lives of all the people in the city."

"Jerusalem has never had so many economic accelerators for all the sectors of the city, with new academic buildings being built in the east and the west that makes up the internal capital of Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people, and I’d say the capital of the world. Jerusalem has never had so many international delegations and conferences, just like in the days of King Solomon. We know that there are a lot of people that deny the Jewish people’s connection to Jerusalem. They won’t believe the evidence we find every day that tells the story of the kings of Israel. Jerusalem is not a matter of debate, it’s a fact."

Mayor Lion also talked about antisemitism in the rest of the world: "We see the rise of antisemitism around the world. There’s no better answer to antisemitism than to show them that in Jerusalem, Am Israel Chai - the people of Israel are alive. I know that here in New York, there have been some terrible attacks on the Jewish community, and I stand here with you in solidarity. What is true in Jerusalem is true in New York - antisemitism shouldn’t exist anywhere in the world. I believe we should cooperate in the fight against antisemitism all around the world. "Lion explains how Jerusalem is the paradigm for a fight against antisemitism: "In Jerusalem, you have a partner with a diverse society, a modern economy, a partner where Jews, Muslims, and Christians live and work side by side. This is our message and obligation."

Source: INN - Photo: Flash 90


Does the article interest you?
[Anonymous] 10:56 07.06.2023
Inspiring speech. I want to be in Jerusalem desperately! Everywhere in Israel! I want to be there and to see and experience if all. What I see/learn on Newsrael makes my Bible become more alive.
Jenny Ohayon 02:35 07.06.2023
May God bless Israel.🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
Syble Presswood 19:46 06.06.2023
Revelation speaks of Israel being prosperous and at ease when Russia(gog and magog) will descend upon her with other countries in search of her riches.Then God will destroy them
Linda Zelikson 15:02 06.06.2023
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