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Embarrassment for the Israeli Radical Leftist "Yesh Din" organization: The "attacked farmers" turned out to be terrorists

After the radical organization claimed that Jews in Homesh in Samaria had beaten "farmers," it was revealed that the wounded Palestinian "farmer" was a terrorist who stabbed a soldier and was sitting in jail. Yossi Dagan: "There is no lie that Left-wing organization would not tell in order to hurt Israel."

After students of Yeshivat Homesh were attacked last week by Arab "farmers" who came to the settlement and threw stones at the students, and the students were forced to defend themselves, not it is found out that one of these "farmers" is a terrorist named Mohanad Salah, a terrorist who was imprisoned in Israel after stabbing a soldier, according to Arab posts on Facebook. 

It will be recalled that left-wing organizations, including Yesh Din, took out photos and videos claiming that the students attacked "farmers", while Homesh members clarified and distributed their own materials that those Arabs had come to the settlement and attacked them. The identity of the terrorist was revealed on the Twitter page of Yehuda Lieber, who located on the village's Facebook page and in the Arab networks the fact that the wounded man is a released terrorist.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, said today "There is nothing that the far left organizations are not afraid of exploiting. The organizations use a convicted terrorist who sat in jail for stabbing a soldier, in order to delegitimize settlement. And the entire State of Israel. It is not surprising that after the perverted use of the terrorist's image to defame the students of Yeshiva Homesh, it is immediately allegedly leveraged into settler violence and the apartheid regime.

I reiterate my call on the government and law enforcement agencies to take immediate action to stop the violent provocations of the terrorists and their aides in Judea and Samaria and to stop the defamation, lies and hate campaign of the far left organizations." Dagan added.

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darrel snider 10:30 24.11.2021
Why try to hurt farmers oh that right these idiots hurt themselves by blowing themselves up.
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