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Obama Warns ‘Demonizing’ Opponents Leads to Violence as Biden Calls Republicans Threat to Democracy

Former President Barack Obama warned Democrats not to demonize their political opponents Wednesday even as President Joe Biden delivered a speech attacking “MAGA Republicans” and tying them to last week’s assault on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Obama told a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, that demonizing opponents with “over-the-top” rhetoric could result in physical violence. Obama did not specifically mention Biden, his former vice president. Biden gave a speech at Union Station in which he reprised some of his attacks from his Sep. 1 speech at Independence Hall, casting Republicans as extremist and dangerous to democracy.

In his September remarks, Biden said that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” and that a Republican Party that supported Donald Trump was “a threat to this country.”

Source/Photo Breitbart

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18:54 05.11.2022
I agree everybody on here knows what they’re talking about a threat is Obama and Biden it’s hard to believe but it is a threat to the nation America they want to start a war they’re good at So sad
02:00 05.11.2022
Obama!!! People want change!!! Do you remember your only line you knew! Change!!!! Worst thing you ever did causing racism!🤮
Bruce J. 17:09 04.11.2022
Obama did more to cause the deaths of policeofficers He hstes this country. And has said he would always side with his muslim brothers ..
Patsy Webb 16:31 04.11.2022
Soros/Obama =Satan/son Biking and dummy Democrats are puppets For these two Satanist
Desiree Siefkas 16:17 04.11.2022
Remember how Obama-Biden 👹 demonized President Trump from day 1?
Desiree Siefkas 16:15 04.11.2022
Remember how we paid for George Floyd’s 80,000 gold-plated casket which was paraded around the United States before burial in Texas? Obama was operating beyond the scenes here too.
Desiree Siefkas 16:10 04.11.2022
The news reported George Floyd died from fentanyl use. The police did not have anything to do with it. Obama is operating behind the scenes. Floyd’s family received 20 million dollars.
Desiree Siefkas 16:01 04.11.2022
Obama needs to go bye-bye. Obama worships Allah and Allah is Satan. During the second term of Obama's presidency when black Americans started burning down our cities and robbing the stores.
12:59 04.11.2022
We the people are sitting on the sidelines out of the game out of ignorance of our own making by trusting the very people we vote for!! That is stupidly!!!
12:58 04.11.2022
To destroy a country you must do it from INSIDE!!! Obama was a community organizer and he knows the process by heart!!!
12:56 04.11.2022
Never forget Obama is a Muslim and he Loves Iran!!! Why would he support them if he didn’t? That is a small part of his plan to destroy America
12:55 04.11.2022
Remember, Stalin &Hitler followed the same game plan to kill their enemies and they killed millions, never forget!!!
12:53 04.11.2022
Obama knows the Book written by Hitler by heart he knows what is required to bring down an entire nation and he is trying hard……
12:52 04.11.2022
Obama is the Hitler and Stalin of modern politics, he is so slick he puts slick Willy to shame, look at the numbers of people who have died under the ObamaBiden take over. Obama is not stupid by far
Preston Culp 12:51 04.11.2022
The only threat to America is the socialist/communist/fascist democrats who have hijacked their party and our country
Albert Rofe 12:40 04.11.2022
Extremism on both sides is harmful.How about voting for ideas
12:36 04.11.2022
Donald Trump is not a threat to this country. He would do his best to get us out of the mess the Democrats have us in.
Tuin Boon 12:35 04.11.2022
Clear that the real danger to the nations is Biden himself A president not uniting people but preaching divisions
Jeane Frady 12:34 04.11.2022
Biden slamming Americans is approved by his master, Obama. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏