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Lieutenant A, Hero of Israel awarded!

Lieutenant A was given an award for outstanding security forces for killing a terrorist in November 2022, who injured him. 

While badly injured on the floor, he still managed to shoot and kill the terrorist and prevented the terrorist from harming more people.

Here is the video of him shooting the terrorist with our description of the event here:

"A terrorist attack took place moments ago in Beit Horon. An Arab tried to run over an IDF officer and seriously injured him. The terrorist then tried to hack him with an axe and while injured, the soldier shot and killed the terrorist as you see in the video."

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Jeanne Ferguson 20:53 04.05.2023
Good job 👍 prayers for quick and total healing and health. God bless 🙏
Diane Sweetman 20:19 04.05.2023
Well done… sorry he was injured …🙏🏻for his quick and complete healing🇮🇱
Phillip Avalos 18:51 04.05.2023
Getting it done!✡️✡️🇮🇱🇮🇱