The Iran aircraft cemetery uncovered by Google

Google Maps has identified a "cemetery" of planes at the Harabad airport in Tehran, where these worn planes are used to provide spare parts for the rest of the Iranian air fleet that Iran cannot purchase due to the sanctions.

It has become very difficult for anything on the globe to disappear without being exposed by Google Maps satellite imagery, which recently took a picture of a large number of Iranian civilian planes at the airport from the Iranian capital's Harbad, in what has been described as a "cemetery" of "dead planes". 

Their parts are used to power other Iranian planes suffering from spare parts shortages due to the sanctions the United States has imposed on Tehran since the Donald Trump administration's withdrawal from the 2018 nuclear deal.

The publication of photos of a large number of passenger planes stored together at the corner of the airport in Tehran has aroused the attention and curiosity of a large number of analysts around the world.

The latest photo shows the aircraft cemetery in Tehran 

The photo shows about 20 civilian planes of various sizes, being held at the corner of Harabad International Airport in the Iranian capital.

According to a report in the American weekly Newsweek, this picture clearly shows the "sad reality" of Iran's worn-out air force, as the picture shows many of these disabled planes due to technical problems or lack of spare parts parked in an airport parking lot.

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01:14 14.02.2022
Harabad, translated in English means Toobad! And yes I agree that it would only take one bomb and not an expensive one, to rid the Iranians of their spare part cache. 👍 IAF 🇮🇱
Henry Lee 01:08 14.02.2022
This shouldn't be the case if they have taken note of those parts that are most important before the sanctions.
Howard Amonick 01:07 14.02.2022
Looks like a kid who shoved his toys in a corner. Let’s hope they never fly again and their plane parts rot and rust!!!
Vaughn Groen 01:03 14.02.2022
One bomb aught to take care of the spare parts. 💥
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