Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
9/11 - Houthi Official: 9/11 Was A Jewish, Christian Conspiracy

Boshra Al-Mahtouri: "Dear viewers, in a previous installment of our show, we talked about media disinformation as one of the means of soft warfare, which is used by the Jews and the Christians in their war against our nation.

"One of the most salient examples of massive media disinformation was the 9/11 incidents. This was a major scheme the goal of which was to wage a Crusade against the Arab and Islamic world. 

"Six hours before the tower exploded, the U.S. government withdrew the dogs that specialize in the detection of explosives. They also took away the devices that detect weapons. The explosions occurred on 9/11, but a few days before, these dogs had been withdrawn. This raises a lot of questions.

"What is even stranger and more important is that on that day, 4,000 Jews did not go to work at the WTC towers. 4,000 Jews. This shows this was a premeditated conspiracy. From that moment, the world has become a victim of this massive media disinformation."

# Islamic Hatred of Jews
Edna Purcell-Diaz 09:18 12.09.2021
To the author of this piece of crap: Why would your arab terrorists friends do any favors for the Jews & Christians? U sound like Christians blaming of killing Jesus!!
Hoser Peters 06:35 11.09.2021
Accusations & statements with no facts equal to hypocritical unfounded allegations.
Nick Horsky 03:15 11.09.2021
Wrote HITLERS speeches. Sick ahole.
C & 02:50 11.09.2021
It was an act of God,Who compelled 4,000 Jews, as well as several other Americans who DIDN'T go to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Sounds to me these Islamists are angry they didn't kill them.
Sam Johnson 02:39 11.09.2021
This idiot must have been drinking from the same bowl as “obiden”
C & 02:37 11.09.2021
LIARS!!! Jihad terrorists who are well known for their terrorism all over the world,& well known for killing innocent Jews & Christians who haven't even spoken threats to them!! Jesus will deal w/you!
Jeanna Carlene 02:11 11.09.2021
LIARS!!!! We don't kill our own citizens like you Terrorists Jihads!!!!!!!
Barbara Miller 02:04 11.09.2021
Barbara Miller 02:03 11.09.2021
Jan A. 01:01 11.09.2021
lie lie lie!!!!!
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