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Dozens arrested during protests on Mahsa Amini death anniversary

During rallies on the anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death in custody, Iranian security apparatus arrested dozens of protesters across the country. 

State media in Iran only published scattered reports about the arrests in different cities and did not disclose any details about their identities or the circumstances surrounding their apprehension. 

Regime authorities only label the detainees as "vandals" and "counter revolutionaries," accusing them of "disrupting public order" or “planning sabotage.”

Human rights groups have identified a small number of the arrestees. Several family members of the protesters who were killed during last year’s rallies are among those detained. Fahimeh Moradi -- the bereaving mother of 19-year-old Yalda Aghafazli -- and Jaber Najafi -- the father of Hadis Najafi, who was shot dead by live bullets, were among those who were arrested Saturday.  

Iranian actress Hanieh Tavassoli was also arrested Saturday and released on bail the following day. Theater director Ali Nourani and poet Nima Safar were also arrested on Saturday. Nourani was detained after regime agents raided his home but there is no information on how Safar was arrested. 

Source: Iran International - Photo: Basij and IRGC thugs on motor bikes

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