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WATCH: Biden Admits Doesn't Know Which Americans Are Held Hostage by Hamas

Doesn't seem like much of a priority, huh Joe?

President Biden admitted his administration did not know which Americans are currently held hostage by Hamas, when they will be released, or even if they are still alive.

Source - Breitbart/Youtube

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[Anonymous] 18:19 05.02.2024
The military knows that Afghanistan was the clenching factor for them. They don’t care about our country or our military. They have become the enemy
[Anonymous] 15:50 05.02.2024
Cause poor Biden ! He is not who makes the crazy decisions and remarks, it’s OBAMA who dictate .. also the VP Harris .. both anti Israel
Sandy Grant 20:17 29.11.2023
This is the worst us administration is blatantly horrible…..2nd is Obama…. Third Clinton. Only have their own interests as priority
Mike Galarneau 18:40 29.11.2023
Biden and his Nazis are the Biggest Threat to Democracy!
LARRY WASWHTON 14:00 29.11.2023
I vote for tump make America safe ,Joe Biden and Vice President they don’t not care about American citizens and isreal citizens too
LARRY WASWHTON 13:58 29.11.2023
Joe Biden and vice president are very very much dangerous dictators should be prosecuted not be anymore be president and vice president
[Anonymous] 13:18 29.11.2023
This administration also said this of Afghanistan: There are between 5,000 and 10,000 Americans citizens in Afghanistan! Oops where is the State Dept. on this? Counting enemy Xing border today!!!!
Rolf Storz 12:08 29.11.2023
Oh, dear me, did you really expect that he cared that much? Well, now you know better, unfortunately 🥴😵‍💫🥲🙏❤️
[Anonymous] 12:05 29.11.2023
He knows nothing. Only what is said in his earphone. He’s the most disgusting president we’ve ever had.
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