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Captured Hamas terrorists say group is 'collapsing from within,' says Israel's defense minister

The U.S. and Israel discuss an impending ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza in a virtual meeting.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Hamas terrorists captured by troops said "the group is collapsing from within" as Israel steps up its military offensive in the Gaza Strip. 

"In the last week or two, hundreds of terrorists have been captured and what they say about what happened to them tells the whole story. They say that Hamas is collapsing from within, the price they are paying is very heavy," Gallant said, The Times of Israel reported. 

"We’re going to eliminate everyone who was involved in the events of October 7, the junior [officials], the senior ones and the very senior ones; those who were inside [Israel] or who gave instructions," he said, referring to the date of Palestinian terror group Hamas’s massive attack on Israel that started the ongoing conflict.    

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[Anonymous] 18:14 03.04.2024
Eliminate them when? It sounds like you imprisoned them and are feeding them well while hostages are starved to death.
Miriam Bassiouni 10:51 03.04.2024
If you are going to release any rat, tag it to know its movements
Francis Lammawin 20:50 02.04.2024
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