The War in Syria
BREAKING: Report in Syria: 2 killed and 6 soldiers were injured in an Israeli attack

Syrian state television reported tonight on an air strike on behalf of Israel. Air defense systems were reportedly activated against "hostile targets" that attacked the city center. The previous attack in the country attributed to Israel occurred exactly a week ago.

The attack reportedly occurred over the western city of Homs and caused substantial damage. Air defense systems were activated at "hostile targets" that attacked the city center, and explosions were heard.

A Syrian military source told the Syrian official news agency (SANA) that the attack took place around 01:26 at night, during which "the 'Israeli enemy' carried out an air strike with rockets from the northeast of Beirut, aiming at several points in the central region." He added that "the air defense vessels confronted the rockets and shot down most of them, soldiers were injured and some material losses were caused."

There is no confirmation from Israel on this report or any of its details.

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11:04 24.11.2021
Iran nuclear sites is what you should target , that’s a big one, that’s what you should aim for not small proxy
darrel snider 10:33 24.11.2021
Destroy them all
Phillip Avalos 06:43 24.11.2021
Get it done!!
Zvi Lando 06:07 24.11.2021
Go for it!
Dennis Bell 06:06 24.11.2021
Typical syrian bs they could shot their foot off with a rifle while aiming at it. Lol
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