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IDF BATTLE VIDEO: Dozens of terrorists apprehended at Nasser Hospital

Documentation of the "Egoz" activity in the El Amal neighborhood in Khan Yunis

The combat team of the commando formation is fighting in the Al Amal neighborhood in Khan Yunis, the forces are raiding the terrorist infrastructure in the neighborhood in a precise and targeted manner.

During the raids, the fighters locate many weapons and eliminate dozens of terrorists.

Among the weapons found were RPG missiles, explosives, Kalashnikov weapons and ammunition.

In recent days, the fighters of the Aguz unit have arrested dozens of terrorists who left Nasser Hospital and were transferred to the 504th Intelligence Division and the Shin Bet for further investigation.

The forces also completed scans at the Nasser and Al Amal Hospital in order to make sure that the terrorist organization Hamas has not established its infrastructure there again.

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Miriam Bassiouni 10:42 03.04.2024
Just interrogate, get info and kill the rats.... dump bodies in the ocean
Mike Galarneau 01:25 03.04.2024
Why Apprehend. Then Tell us about it? Get em. Pick their Brains. Then say we had to shoot em. It's OK by me!
Francis Lammawin 22:26 02.04.2024
Roxanne Rummler 22:23 02.04.2024
No video😑
[Anonymous] 22:04 02.04.2024
Thank g-d!! Keep the momentum going!! Israel will have a lot more intelligence!!
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