A Lone Soldier Story
"After deciding to draft to the IDF, I was clueless about what job I wanted. My grandfather z’l, a strong Zionist, repeatedly volunteered for an organization called Sarel Israel.
Sar-el is a program where volunteers, usually from overseas, come to Israel to volunteer for the army out of the kindness of their hearts. They are guided by Madrichot (instructors) who lead activities teaching about the IDF, Israel, etc. and stand by them for their every need. After discovering this was a job, I was hooked. I saw how much my Grandpa impacted the lives of the Madrichot and wanted to meet and instruct people as incredible and inspiring as him.
Fast forward, I drafted to the IDF in April, completed a Hebrew course at Michve Alon, and later found out I was accepted to become a Madrichat Sar-el. When I found out, I was so beyond happy, I got my dream job. Even more so, knowing my Grandpa would have been so proud of me, taking part in something he loved.
In all honestly, the course was extremely intense and difficult. Despite this, I was motivated and I pushed myself more than I ever have. I knew I was doing it for something greater than me. I was surrounded by an amazing group of friends and commanders who offered me so much patience, love, and support. I also ultimately came to love the material we learned in the course and each challenge along the way.
I look forward to finally starting the job as a Madrichat Sar-el and can’t wait to meet people from all over the world."
- Rachel
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Robbie Tindall 17:09 05.10.2021
May you always stay in the shadow of Gods mighty hands. God Bless you and God Bless your Grandfather and family !
Dalya Horowitz 15:21 05.10.2021
Kol hakavod to you Rachel. May you go from strength to strength!
Michael Sosne 14:43 05.10.2021
Mozal Tuv to you, G-d bless
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