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VIDEO NEWS: Democrats vs Biden on illegal immigration

Democrats are finally starting to say what conservatives have been saying all along. The Biden administrations policy on illegal immigration is a failure.

With more illegal immigrants arriving in major cities, their Democratic leaders are unhappy with the Biden Administration’s response to the growing problem.

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19:21 08.09.2023
This is what these power hungry fools voted for. I’m sure it’s a real comfort to our southern borders to hear y’all were wrong to chest Biden into the White House.
Robin Murphy 19:13 08.09.2023
Well we're we're all these Democrats governors and mayors when the Republican states was getting overrunned by the open border policy of this Biden administration
Robin Murphy 19:13 08.09.2023
Well the Democrats wanted open borders well they got them open so now they're complaining because there's no room for them and their cities where were they complaining to the Biden administration