Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu in the Knesset: "With this law the Left wants to shut us up on social media!"

Netanyahu stood up to the podium in the Knesset plenum to speak out against the Facebook law approved today in a preliminary reading: "The Bennett-Lapid and Saar government is not satisfied with the mobilized media, now it wants to shut us up on social media as well!"

"Let it be clear we are all against violent discourse whether on networks, in the media or between two people, but just as we do not attach a judge to every conversation between two people, so we will not attach a judge to every post on social networks. 

This is a fatal blow to democracy.

Those who do not pass the blocking percentage to enter the Knesset (Bennett and Sa'ar) are now seeking to silence the public so that they can steal the next election."

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John Tucker 13:39 30.12.2021
I'm with you Bibi.. all the way..
Lucas Billeaudeau 09:40 30.12.2021
...protests to physically tear down statues at historic monuments. And as far as social media Big Tech has canceled many Right, Republican, Conservative, Christian Religious,Trump, Anti-vax statements
Lucas Billeaudeau 09:31 30.12.2021
This sounds like what happened in USA called Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory. The Left pushed these agendas, along with using COVID-19 vaccine (control and fear), Big Tech and radical Left pro
Danny Brackett 01:05 11.12.2021
Trump is Israel friend but not Biden or anyone in his administration
Thomas Murray 17:45 08.12.2021
The law described in the article is only another example of the left’s move towards totalitarianism. The so-called Net Neutrality regulations that the left wants is yet another effort to get control.
Thomas Murray 17:40 08.12.2021
1. The subheading of the Washington Post—Democracy Dies in Darkness—is true. Sadly, the Post, many media outlets (including social media) are working overtime to create that Darkness.
Lisa Touvell 17:00 08.12.2021
President Netanyahu was cheated out of an election just as Donald Trump! God bless Israel and the USA. The LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will restore both men and our nations!
Bobby Barnett 16:41 08.12.2021
Anna Payton you got it right.
16:17 08.12.2021
I never thought I would ever see this in my lifetime NetanyahuIt’s right The left does not want to hear the truth both sides Fair and balance the left wants to believe a lie
darrel snider 16:12 08.12.2021
They never ypur guys better hackers
Anna Payton 16:06 08.12.2021
I'm praying for Israel, GOD is in control, and will remove the dumbocates, as he is in control.
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