Israel Police
Netanyahu in response to arrest of woman threatening Bennett

It has been found out that the woman who sent 2 death threats to PM Bennett is a member of the Likud Party

Netanyahu: If she did what was attributed to her - her membership in the Likud will end

The arrest of the suspect, Ilana Sporta Haniya, was extended until Monday and her lawyer said that she denies what is attributed to her. She is known as a Likud activist and supporter of Netanyahu, and in recent days photos of her with him and other senior Likud figures have been circulated. 

Netanyahu: "I strongly condemn any kind of violence - against a prime minister or another person."

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Bro Hes 16:52 13.05.2022
Our Father, Ark in Heaven, Holy your name, bring your Kingdom & Will done, on Earth as in Heaven; give daily bread & forgive sins as we forgive sins; lead not in sin, but deliver from evil. Amen אמנ.
Henry Lee 13:36 13.05.2022
I think the Bernett -Lapid Govt is doing ok. Much things have changed since the end of Netanyahu Govt.
La Jun 13:30 13.05.2022
The People of Israel are feed up with Bennett leadership.
Bro Hes 12:52 13.05.2022
All will work out. Duda! be cool. Let the IDF do it's job. No one likes to be threatened with deadly force or done in. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
Triple D 12:33 13.05.2022
God bless you Benjamin Netanyahu and protect you always!
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