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Ukraine braces for harsh winter as Russian strikes cripple power facilities

Ukrainians braced for winter with little or no power in several areas including Kyiv where temperatures have dropped below freezing as relentless Russian strikes crippled half of the country's energy capacity.

Moscow's response to military setbacks in recent weeks has included a barrage of missile strikes against power facilities. Zelensky said that Russian rockets had knocked out half of the country's power capacity. 

Millions of Ukrainians are most likely to live with blackouts - a daily occurrence across the country - at least until the end of March, the head of a primary energy provider said on Monday.

President Volodymyr Zelensky urged people to conserve power, particularly in hard-hit areas such as Kyiv, Vinnytsia in the southwest, Sumy in the north, and Odesa in the Black Sea. 

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Soniya Christova 09:22 22.11.2022
May God arise to revenge&stop soon Russian terror aggresors regime war&invasion & ptovide for all Unkraines& other victims of communists&islamic terror&war crimes
Yeheskel Sharbani 06:41 22.11.2022
It’s one thing soldiers fighting; it’s an act of cowed to go after civilians. Losers!!
Dean Davis 06:37 22.11.2022
Prayers for the Ukrainian people πŸ™πŸ›πŸ™