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Video Report: Israeli Jets Bomb Hamas Weapons Sites'

Israeli Warplanes Strike 'Hamas Sites' in Gaza After Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets in Sderot

Israeli Air Force warplanes carried out sorties and conducted airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on February 2. 

The Israeli airstrikes came just hours after the military said it intercepted a rocket fired from the Palestinian territory. 

The Israeli military said its jets bombed a site where Hamas stored chemicals used to make missiles and store weapons. 

The attacks came in response to a rocket attack on Sderot and nearby towns in southern Israel on February 1. The IDF said the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system. What's triggering the latest exchange of fire between Israel and Gaza?

Source: Crux/Youtube

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John Whitcombe 23:52 02.02.2023
Israel 🇮🇱 yet bombing but still merciful..
Albert Rofe 22:48 02.02.2023
Stupid because they don’t bomb schools and hospitals?!!
Sylvain Ubersfeld 20:34 02.02.2023
No compromises,no weaknesses...Hamas is a terrorist organization,that's as simple as that,therefore terrorists must be eradicated.Nikouda....!
Selina 19:27 02.02.2023
Israel absolutely knows how Hamas is. Do you know anything about about strategy John? May I suggest The Art of War? Good, basic 101 read.
Chanan Elias 19:02 02.02.2023
Why such aggression John?
John Ross 18:34 02.02.2023
Such bullshit Israel has been bombing hamas that have been abandoned years ago. How stupid are these Israelis all their weapons are stashed in schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. Stupid Irael.
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