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Breaking: VIDEO - Two explosions in Kabul - UPDATES

Reports of explosion and gunfire at #Hazara dominated area of Kabul right now. 

Amidst escalating Taliban infighting, ISIS-K has been expanding its attacks targeting vulnerable communities whom the Taliban’s de facto regime refuses to protect.

Details to come!

15:10: Two explosions in Kabul's Dasht e Barchi area, a mainly Shiite Hazara neighborhood, Friday afternoon.

15:34: Two civilians were killed and several others were wounded 

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Dennis Bell 16:45 10.12.2021
Sharmla easy answer. 1. The man on the moon is not a god. 2. When hungry dogs get more hungry they attack each.
darrel snider 13:10 10.12.2021
Let them kill each ither then be able take over
sharmla dharamalingam 13:06 10.12.2021
#ISIS and #Taliban killing each other! What the hell! Both groups are muslim. Both worship SAME God! Same religion , SO WHY ARE THEY KILLING EACH OTHER???