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The victims of terrorism demand from the government: Stop the PA deposits to prisoner "canteen funds"

"The mechanism of "group deposits" makes prison a joke," says Hadas Mizrahi, who lost her husband. Aharon Heller who was stabbed and did not receive compensation appeals to the government: "Stop this madness immediately"

Following the publication in the Jewish Voice about the mechanism of group deposits for terrorists in prison exposed by the Lavi organization, victims of terrorism and bereaved families who were awarded compensation sums demand to stop the mechanism that allows the terrorists to continue enjoying priviledges and not pay compensation to the victims.

As has been published, there is a special deposit procedure for security prisoners only, under which the "Palestinian Authority" deposits about NIS 400 for each prisoner in group accounts managed by the "spokesmen of the wings".

Since there are on average about 5,000 terrorists imprisoned in the prisons in Israel, it was found that the PA's deposits alone amount to about NIS 2 million per month (!).

Lavi explained that apart from the fact that the PA funds transferred to the terrorists are terrorist reward funds, the mechanism allows the terrorists to continue to benefit from the canteen funds while avoiding paying fines and compensation to the victims of the crime since the accounts are not registered in their names.

Photo: Terrorist celebrations in prison.

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[Anonymous] 21:34 25.01.2023
When the prisoners in prisons and hails get the canteen benefits, then they can have theirs. Nah, not ever happening, No benefits at ALL!
Maurice Shoshan 01:33 25.01.2023
Israeli jails are more like 5 star hotel for Palestinian terrorists
pflip521 01:31 25.01.2023
They're in prison. They shouldn't get paid for their crimes. Money should go to families of victims.
Suzanne Aladjem 23:33 24.01.2023
Not a dollar where is the justice for those murdered by these barbarians
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