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House GOP kicks off majority with vote to slash IRS funding

Additional funding for the agency has been politically controversial since 2013, when the IRS under the Obama administration was found to have used inappropriate criteria to review tea party groups and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status.

House Republicans began their tenure in the majority Monday by passing a bill that would rescind nearly $71 billion that Congress had provided the IRS, fulfilling a campaign promise even though the legislation is unlikely to advance further.

Democrats had beefed up the IRS over the next decade to help offset the cost of top health and environmental priorities they passed last year and to replenish an agency struggling to provide basic services to taxpayers and ensure fairness in tax compliance.

The money is on top of what Congress provides the IRS annually through the appropriations process and immediately became a magnet for GOP campaign ads in the fall claiming that the boost would lead to an army of IRS agents harassing hard-working Americans.

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[Anonymous] 02:54 11.01.2023
Hoping and praying it will be dismantled.
[Anonymous] 01:20 11.01.2023
Mable the foolishness will never stop.
Mable Mullen 23:10 10.01.2023
So does this mean we will just hear noise and yet nothing can be done to stop this fraudulent foolishness?
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