Illegal Aliens from South America Are Burglarizing Rich Asians in D.C. Suburbs

Breitbart reports that illegal aliens, and foreign nationals using the little-known Visa Waiver Program (VWP), from South America are flocking to the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to burglarize rich Asian Americans, the Washington Post reports.

Groups of illegal aliens, often posing as Peurto Ricans, and foreign nationals arriving in the U.S. on the VWP are sweeping the nation in states like Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and California with organized home burglaries.

In the D.C. suburbs of Fairfax County, the illegal aliens and foreign nationals are targeting wealthy Asian Americans with million-dollar homes and loads of expensive items. One Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official called the so-called “crime tourists” an “enormous threat right now in our country” that is expanding every day.

Even after being arrested, though, the illegal aliens and foreign nationals face such low bail that they are often quickly released from police custody.

The Post reports:

Law enforcement experts say cells of professional South American burglars, particularly from Colombia and Chile, are entering the country illegally or exploiting a visa waiver program meant to expedite tourism from dozens of trusted foreign countries.

Once here, they travel from state to state carrying out scores of burglaries, jewelry heists and other crimes, pilfering tens or hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of goods each year, the FBI estimates. Experts said the groups often operate with impunity because they have found a kind of criminal sweet spot.

Bail for nonviolent property offenses is often low, so an arrested burglar often quickly gets bond and skips town for the next job, experts said. The crimes often don’t meet the threshold for the involvement of federal authorities. And they attract less attention at a time when U.S. authorities are contending with a rise in homicides.

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Rhoda Wright 06:53 14.01.2022
I waited all day to see this on the news & nothing abo it . So thank you Newsrael for posting !
Anna Payton 18:30 13.01.2022
Lets go pedophile brandon
Thomas Murray 18:15 13.01.2022
It takes rich people being victimized for the Wa Post to notice? Drub smuggling, human trafficking and child abuse of illegal aliens not newsworthy?
18:09 13.01.2022
This is serious! Where is the FBI and the Judiciary on this dangerous situation? Stop it now before it becomes unstoppable and dangerous for American citizens!
Danny Brackett 18:03 13.01.2022
Let’s go Brandon!
Karolina De 17:04 13.01.2022
Dennis Bell 16:58 13.01.2022
Thank you Brandon.
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