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German public broadcaster makes Jerusalem jihad mass murderer into a victim

“ZDF Makes Offenders Victims,” translated from “ZDF macht Täter zum Opfer,” by Georg Altrogge, Bild, November 22, 2021:

Terror attack in the old city of Jerusalem.

The assassin, a suspected Hamas terrorist, opened fire on passersby with a machine gun on Sunday, killing an Israeli and injuring three other people before police could stop him. He died on the spot.

And what did the ZDF do? Turn the news into the opposite.

“Israel: a Palestinian shot dead,” was the headline of the “Today” news. In their report on current events, the public broadcaster did not focus on the victims, but on the assassin, who was killed by security forces. It does not appear from this that his death was preceded by an attack that he himself committed.

Why the ZDF first reported in the news about the murdered assassin and only then addressed the victims is unclear. After all, the editors later corrected the description, which distorted the actual events, in which the assassin was declared a victim.

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