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Israeli-developed DRONE DOME to secure Dubai from aerial attacks: WATCH

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is supplying the system to the Dubai Police to combat hostile UAV incursions.

(March 16, 2023 / JNS) Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is pushing forward with plans to install and operate its “DRONE DOME” in Dubai, to protect Gulf city from incursions from unmanned aerial vehicles.

The company previously reached an agreement with the Dubai Police to provide the DRONE DOME C-UAS system, described as an off-the-shelf end-to-end system that secures airspace against hostile drones.

Hostile drones are one of the fastest growing global threats, with incidents of terror, crime and autonomous attacks dramatically increasing worldwide, according to Rafael. These threats include drones flying near airports, endangering civilian flights and passengers’ lives.

DRONE DOME can enforce effective UAV No-Fly zones by identifying unknown targets at a distance of 3.5 kilometers, generating alerts and responding in real-time with minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment and maximum safety to friendly aircraft.

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