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WATCH: Documentation of the "Yahalom" combat unit activities in Gaza

"Yahalom" unit of the Israeli Combat Engineering Corps, has been operating throughout Gaza above and below ground. The unit focuses on Hamas's tunnel network, which includes the terror organization's essential and strategic centers of gravity.

The soldiers fight professionally in face-to-face battles, uncover and destroy underground tunnels, and achieve significant achievements for the IDF. 

Recently, several strategic tunnels in Khan Yunis that were used by Hamas' high command, were authorized for publication. Now the IDF is revealing another tunnel route that was used by Hamas's high command- and was demolished.

The fighters broke through blockades and identified terrorists in the tunnel, using special means and face-to-face battles with the terrorists. The route was researched and scanned for intelligence, finding bedrooms, electricity, and water infrastructures.

The tunnel's length is measured at over a kilometer, and millions of shekels were invested in it. This tunnel is part of a strategic and branching underground route located under Khan Yunis which was used by senior Hamas officials and the Khan Yunis Brigade to hide and conduct combat.

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Moshe Moses 04:56 24.02.2024
Well done IDF,and to think Satan Biden wants to hand Gaza to PA under Satan Abbas sam Evil as Hamas.Am Israel Chai
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