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REMINDER: Video of Biden in Campaign (2019) telling how he will end Putin's "days of tyranny and intimidation" - WATCH!

This is an older video of Biden during the campaign against Trump in 2019 in which he speaks to Putin. It is quite embarrassing.

Here it is:

"Once again, Putin and the Russians are trying to engage in our elections and decide who's the president's going to be.

This time I'm the object of their attention. Because Putin knows that if I am president of the United States his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Europe are over.

I'm going to stand up to him. 

He's a bully, just like the president. And I know he doesn't want me to be president but to tell you what, when I'm president things are going to change. 
Mr. Putin people decide their elections. Not you!"

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Moshe Moses 08:55 15.03.2022
To sweeten the Iran nuclear deal Biden has also removed Hizbollah and all other Iran terrorist proxies from US terror list, these terror groups attack Israel ,USA & Europe Shame on Biden.
Moshe Moses 08:29 15.03.2022
Biden doesn't care for what kind of nuclear deal he is signing, he has sold out Israel to Mullahs who will now have nuclear weapons to G-d attack Israel,will defend it's people forcefully.
Moshe Moses 08:05 15.03.2022
G-d bless President Trump who always stood for Israel he &ripped up the last disastrous agreement, now agreement to be signed with the murderous Israel &Jew hater Iran Mad Mullahs worst upon worst.
Moshe Moses 07:53 15.03.2022
Biden very Evil he & Obama sold out Crimea in Ukraine 2014 to Russia, Biden can't be trusted, now he EU going to sign nuclear deal with Iran who keep threatening destroy🇮🇱Israel, Biden is a snake
Henry Lee 07:26 15.03.2022
Because of Biden USA has lost a lot of credibility.
Moshe Moses 05:40 27.02.2022
Biden should be impeachmed.
Anna Payton 05:36 27.02.2022
Biden is a joke, and not President, illegitimate Joey
[Anonymous] 18:21 25.02.2022
Joe Biden look sick “ he looks like someone had just walked over his grave
[Anonymous] 18:19 25.02.2022
Joe Biden is one Mother….F there’s is saying the cow doesn’t know that his backside is stained with Shit
[Anonymous] 18:15 25.02.2022
Let’s go Brandon,
Joe Brown 18:08 25.02.2022
Say what you will. Doesn't matter. God is in controll!
Glenn Amburgy 17:13 25.02.2022
As soon as he got in he shut down a lot of our oil wells and helped Putin get his oil going even stronger. Thank you Joe for showing Putin who you really are. I bet he is sooooo scared now.
[Anonymous] 17:11 25.02.2022
Biden is a weak n fraudulent squatter in DC. He’s all bluster. He’s torn American to pieces. He thinks Putin is shaking in his shoes.
Pamela Lovejoy 17:09 25.02.2022
Biden is nothing but a joke!!
[Anonymous] 17:09 25.02.2022
Make me LAUGH! He's no President he's a Resident Americans did NOT elect him!IT'S BCUZ Jo is Resident, Not TRUMP, the world leaders do this. Jesus! Help us! Show DA World Who YOU ARE! USA wants TRUMP!
Desiree Siefkas 17:05 25.02.2022
YVWH is in control.
Alan Thomas 21:49 23.02.2022
What a complete LIAR.
francis brown 21:48 23.02.2022
Joe Biden is a true prophet and a true President .his words are called prophecies not threats. So you have a Prophet then a anti -christ (Putin)with a two headed beast(Russia/China)&muslim militants10
Randy Beaty 21:44 23.02.2022
I wonder if Putin is a Manchurian President :a plant
Linda Trollinger 23:13 22.02.2022
Stop asking for Money
Charles Wells 23:13 22.02.2022
I'm sure Putin is shaking in his boots in fear of Joe Biden. threats, sanctions are a joke. If biden stays in office, the European allies will be against the U.S. he will lose the whole world.👉😔👈
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