Judea & Samaria
Israel answers Biden's "Nyet" to construction

Senior U.S. government officials: If construction is not approved in the settlements, there will be no government

Against the background of the decision to build about 4,000 housing units in the territories.
The government clarified: "If we do not allow the decision of the Planning Council - the coalition will break apart.

Source: N12 News

Photo: Reuters

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David Fellerman 20:09 08.05.2022
Biden the Geriatric President of the USA is telling ISRAEL what to do? Joke of the year; the man who shakes
Dalya Horowitz 10:49 08.05.2022
Nice that Biden, who can't run his own govt tries to tell Israelis what to do. Btw, the 2 state solution has been dead and buried for a while.
Carol Willisson 04:28 08.05.2022
Trying to step in to another government, they can't take care of their own.
Linda Lou 02:56 08.05.2022
Amen the liberals have no right to tell Israel what to do only Jesus Christ can tell them what to do
Emma Davidson 01:52 08.05.2022
Why are the American liberals telling Israel what they can and can not build? Is none of their business. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Israel is a sovereingt nation.
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