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Rotterdam: This is what Europe will look like in the near future!

Rotterdam Netherlands - the second largest city in the Netherlands with the largest port in Europe and the second largest in the world and a stone's throw from The Hague.

Rotterdam is all in the bubble of what is happening in Europe today - the right is getting stronger at the expense of the left, which is destroying Europe with crazy immigration laws and currently being copied by a progressive party into the USA.

Rotterdam has about 700K inhabitants, of which there is a huge community of 300K Muslim Arabs. An estimate says that in 2028 they will be the majority in the city and in fact the definition of the city is "the largest Muslim city in Europe". 

The takeover of the city has already begun and similar to London - an Arab Muslim mayor.

So under the auspices of the growing Arab population and the mayor, Rotterdam becomes an attractive place for Arab immigrants. Every family that arrives gets a free stay in a hotel at the expense of the tax payer and after a year they get an apartment and free health insurance and at the same time all the budgets go to the immigrants and the locals have nothing left. 

The health insurance premiums continue to climb and an apartment is out of the question - expensive prices and if there is an apartment available then the Arabs get it.

The younger generation pays taxes and is unable to purchase an apartment because of the cost of living. Crime is rising in the streets and it is dangerous for a Dutchman to walk around his city.

What is amazing is that it happens with great precision everywhere in Western Europe - Ireland, Belgium, England, Spain, France and Germany.

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[Anonymous] 12:30 16.02.2024
Ed N, it may not be true today but in no time at all it will be true. Wake up sir. Don’t believe the mainstream news. We have towns in the US where it us true and we sounded like you 3 yrs ago.
John Ross 12:19 16.02.2024
Exactly. Muslims won the conquer the world. Those pigs with the rotten stench wants to rule over all of us.
Ed N 07:16 13.02.2024
I am a Dutch non Muslim and from Rotterdam but what is written here is not true
[Anonymous] 17:05 12.02.2024
The world needs to reverse this madness and stop the spread of hate from the Islamic community
R C 12:19 12.02.2024
Europe deserves what it gets.
Lamko Cecile 06:45 12.02.2024
Western leaders allow homosexuality and Muslim gives birth to many children, why can muslims not rule over Europe?
[Anonymous] 04:49 12.02.2024
Shoot em all
[Anonymous] 04:43 12.02.2024
Muslims want to conquer the world!
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