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On 9/11 Anniversary, CNN Publishes Article Designed to Make Sure You Think Only Positive Thoughts About Islam

As noted last Tuesday, the establishment media spent the days leading up to the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 jihad attacks publishing stories about how Muslims had been victimized by “Islamophobia” in the attacks’ aftermath. They didn’t put away the whitewash on the fateful day’s anniversary, either, and why should they have? Even Old Joe Biden, or whoever writes his material for him, felt it necessary to go out of his way on September 11 to decry “resentment and violence against Muslim-Americans — true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion.”

But CNN went even farther Saturday: as the 9/11 memorial commemorations were going on, the “news network” published a lengthy piece entitled “9 tropes about Muslims that are a product of Islamophobia,” designed to ensure that all your thoughts about Islam are warmly positive.

Can you remember any CNN pieces attacking anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu or anti-Buddhist “tropes”? Neither can I. But when it comes to Islam, the establishment media feels a particular solicitude. “There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world,” CNN tells us, “and the religious group continues to grow rapidly. Yet Islam continues to be largely misunderstood by many, which has given way to Islamophobia and even violence against Muslims.”

Apparently some comedy writers (Dean Obeidallah, is that you?) had a hand in this CNN article, because right after warning against “cherry-picking” verses, it indulges in some “cherry-picking” of its own: “In fact the Quran is very clear about violence. Chapter 5, Verse 32 states: Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.’”

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