The Iranian Threat
Iran pressured Syria to return the Damascus airport to operation. Why?

Iran and its militias began putting pressure on the Assad regime and its Ministry of Transportation to expedite the restoration of Damascus International Airport, which was bombed by Israelis two weeks ago, which led to its decommissioning.

Iranian investigator Dia Qadur told the Zeitun media agency that the attack on the airport sent an Israeli message by attacking the airport's northern and southern runways, which sent the message to Iran that arms shipments should no longer be sent through Damascus International Airport.

She noted that Israel does not seek to overthrow the Assad regime, "but the regime and its sovereign symbols will pay the required price," adding that Iran turned to arms smuggling through civilian flights through Damascus airport after Israel managed to paralyze smuggling traffic via land and sea lines.

# The Iranian Threat
Bill Marcus 18:31 23.06.2022
A full scale conflict isn't in anybody especially best interest. WLM
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