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Over 40K Ukrainian and 24K Russian immigrants arrived

The Immigration and Absorption Ministry bracing for further influx; government approves 9 million shekels for immediate housing, education and healthcare needs,

Ynet reports that there are currently 17,000 requests to immigrate from Russian citizens, being processed and a further 60,000 are eligible to immigrate according to the Law of Return. 

Source - Ynet/Twitter - Image -Flash90

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Patsy Webb 12:50 03.10.2022
Israel must look to the west to see what has happened to them because of immigration everybody deserves a wonderful opportunity with the same God
Jeanne Ferguson 10:23 03.10.2022
Getting as bad as the USA.
Rhoda Wright 10:18 03.10.2022
Wow … Thats is a LOT of people at one time coming !