Operation "Breaking Dawn"
IDF Video of targeted hit of PIJ commander Taysir Jabari - WATCH

Taysir Jabari, the head of Islamic Jihad's operations department and the organization's commander in the northern Gaza Strip, is the top official who was killed on Friday with the start of the "Dawn Araisng" operation in Gaza.

# IDF Spokesperson # Operation "Breaking Dawn"
CaptJinx Marine 06:28 07.08.2022
These donkeys are so brave they live within a human shield. You know the un never says shit about that.
David Hauser 02:12 07.08.2022
God loves everyone, but there is a special place for terrorist in hell!
01:47 07.08.2022
I am going to be praying for our family the house of Israel psalm one twenty one love you all shalom amen
01:42 07.08.2022
The house one twenty one I will be praying for our country and family members
01:27 07.08.2022
Shalom to Israel I am praying for you all my heart is blessed to see you today. And. Always taking actions against them about high time life comes first love you all amen
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