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Bennett to heads of CIA: Israel and US need to prepare for a scenario in which Iran does not return to the nuclear deal

In his meeting with William Burns, held as part of the preparations for the meeting between the Prime Minister and Biden, Bennett stressed that the two countries need to formulate a common strategy on the Iranian issue. The Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the defense establishment estimate that the likelihood of an Iranian return to the nuclear agreement is declining.

According to senior Israeli officials, they described the meeting between Bennett and the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency as part of preparations for a meeting between the Prime Minister and US President Joe Biden, which will take place in August in Washington. Burns is considered very close to Biden. During the meeting, Bennett presented to Burns his policy on the Iranian issue.

"It was important for the prime minister to make it clear that when we say that it is a mistake to return to the nuclear agreement from 2015, it is not an automatic continuation of the policy of the previous government in Israel. There is a whole different view behind it," said a senior Israeli official.

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