The Iranian Threat
Iran, United Kingdom - "Thawing money" for the release of prisoners - an Iranian strategy?

NEWSRAEL: How is it the West can stand up to Putin, but bow down to Iranian despots, religious terrorists and the source of so much evil in the whole world? The man speaking here is not just a "reporter" or even an "expert" - this is the Iranian VICE PRESIDENT!!!!

Biden - Johnson - are you listening?

According to foreign sources:

1. Today, three citizens with dual citizenship, Iranian-British, will be released.
2. One of the detainees is Nasreen Zachary-Ratcliffe, a charity activist who was abducted in 2016 while in Iran.
3. The above was accused of plotting against the Iranian regime, despite its denials.
4. At the same time, the British Foreign Office has announced that it will transfer to Iran a debt of £ 400 million.

5. In a televised interview, Iranian Vice President Mohsan Vizai said that 1,000 American hostages are worth many billions of dollars that could help the country's economy.


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Tony Pettitt 21:38 17.03.2022
No one should ever travel to Iran you take you freedom in jeopardy if you do
Dalya Horowitz 13:35 17.03.2022
Biden doesn't care-about Americans or anyone. He thinks an Iran deal will make him go down in history-and it will- as the worst President EVER!
Dennis Bell 06:10 17.03.2022
Weak presidents easy to black male
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