The Russian Threat
Bennett: This is a false and serious statement

In Jerusalem, they reacted angrily to the words of the Russian foreign minister, who compared Zalansky to Hitler and claimed that "the greatest anti-Semites were Jews." Bennett: This is a false and serious statement, the use of the Holocaust as a tool for political blasting should be stopped.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett today (Monday) strongly condemned the antisemitic statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov , who in an interview with an Italian television channel compared Ukrainian President Vladimir Zalansky to Third Reich leader Adolf Hitler. Earlier this morning (Monday), the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem summoned the Russian ambassador for a clarification call following the statement.

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Dennis Bell 17:47 02.05.2022
Never would had said that if Bibi was the PM. Biden and Bennett comedy show
Bro Hes 12:25 02.05.2022
Nice rebuke, Mr. Bennet. Now in own family, country, and back yard, do the same. Enough bending over to the enemy. Get to Israel work, or resign. Shalom Jerusalem. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 97% USMilitary.
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