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SPECIAL IDF VIDEO: Iran and its proxies are a danger to the world

The Iranian regime and its terrorist proxies are a threat to global security. Here's why:

The threat does not start with nuclear arms.

The threat is in indoctrination and the use of terror to get what it wants - the dominion of Shiite Islam over the whole world.

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Tony Pettitt 21:53 22.09.2022
Elect a Republican House and keep this crap from being funded. Democrats should be just as upset over this just like the republicans. All democrats are in lock step with the Biden administration!!!!
Desiree Siefkas 21:31 22.09.2022
Biden / Obama Administration sends money 💵 to Iran 🇮🇷 to fund the terrorists to attack Israel 🇮🇱 and no one does anything.